Teen Discipleship

The youth ministry exists to glorify God by discipling teens in partnership with their parents.

Teen Gatherings

Sunday Morning Bible Study - 9:00am

Thursday Discipleship - 7:00pm

Monthly Service and Sharpening Activities

Why Youth discipleship?

First, youth discipleship in a local church enables the church to obey Christ by discipling “all” (which includes youth) and to teach “all” that Christ commanded. (Mt28:19-20; Acts 20:27-28; 2Ti 4:2). The church, parents, and youth are edified by teachers, in age-appropriate classes, who study 5-8 hours a week and teach an in-depth Bible study. (1Tm1:3, 4:11, Ti2:1,9, Heb 13:17).


Second, youth discipleship partners with parents who are actively disciplining their teens, and youth discipleship can support and enhance home discipleship (Eph 4:12, 6:1-4).


Third, youth discipleship supports and disciples those teens who don’t have parents disciplining them at home.

How we do Youth Discipleship?

  •   By integrating our youth into the spiritual and social life of the church. For the Christian teenager, we encourage them to participate in church-wide discipleship of the Sunday services, Men's and Ladies' Ministry, and other serving opportunities.
  •   By discipling teens as we group in youth Bible Studies, youth service opportunities, and discipleship relationships with open communication with parents and never countering/replacing the discipleship of parents.
  •   By recognizing and supporting parent discipleship at home.
  •   By going out to evangelize the youth and teens of our community with the gospel of Christ.



What does Youth Discipleship look like each week?

  •   Sunday Morning Worship - Teens gather with their parents for the primary discipleship time for our church.
  •   Sunday Class - We study a book of the Bible each Sunday morning and then break up into small groups for discussion.
  •   During the Week - Teens study the book of the Bible we are learning in the Christ in You Scripture and Prayer Journal.
  •   Thursday Night - The Teens gather for fellowship games, songs, Scripture memory, and a Bible lesson.
  •   Once a Month - We go out to serve our church or enjoy building relationships with one another.